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Atikokan Cottage Lots

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Plateau Lake

Situated about 15 minutes east of Atikokan, Plateau Lake is approximately 4 km in length and 5 km in width. The shoreline of the waterfront lots consist mainly of rocky slopes and shallow soils. The vegetation consists mainly of White Birch, Poplar, Balsam Fir, Spruce and White Pine and Sugar Maple.

Predominant fish species include Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Northern Pike.

These 43 waterfront lots form part of a Vacant Lot Condominium since they are situated outside the Atikokan township boundary. Each lot owner will receive a deed for their property and automatically become part of the Vacant Lot Condominium. The lot owners will pay taxes to the Condominium (i.e. road maintenance, 911 service, fire service and Sapawe Waste disposal services).

The access road has been completed.  These lots are considered seasonal residency lots.